As a new staff member at Queensland Bullbars, I thought I’d put my observations down regarding the development of a new product. From the initial R&D stage, through the development stage right through to the finished product.

1st Stage – Brainstorming

A group discussion is paramount to ensure that we are hitting the correct buyer profile for each vehicle that we build a bullbar for. We see the LDV T60 as a vehicle that customers will use off road, as a work ute, as a weekend recreational vehicle and as a family vehicle. We decided that a heavy duty winch bar was the appropriate bullbar for this vehicle. We will also develop a non-winch version as well as a nudge bar.

2nd Stage – R&D

This stage requires the front bumper bar of the vehicle to be removed, then a full measure up of the critical mounting points. We then look at the front of the vehicle and based on the lines of the vehicle we come up with a design that is functional, that works with all of the features of the car, (Front parking sensors, Cruise control radar etc. if fitted) and very importantly, aesthetically enhances the look of the vehicle. A full measure up is required before it goes to the engineer for Cad drawings.

3rd Stage – Building the Prototype

The R&D Team work closely with the engineer to ensure the prototype bullbar is relatively close to what the finished product will look like. There will always be small adjustments to the prototype throughout this stage and as long as the communication between everyone involved is flowing then this should be a seamless process.

4th Stage – Fitment check

Once it is completed, it’s time to fit the prototype to the vehicle. If all has gone smoothly previously, then this should be a simple task. This is probably the most exciting part of developing a bullbar as we get to see the (almost) finished product on the vehicle for the first time. Once everyone is satisfied with the Bullbar, it’s time to sign it off and get into production.

5th Stage – Production

As soon as we complete our first LDV T60 bullbar, we will get it photographed, get marketing material made and start selling it!