In a previous life I got to drive most makes and models, having spent a decade working for a Jeep dealership. There was always an interesting negotiation on which of the sales team got to drive (for the weekend) the Range Rover Sport, The BMW X5 or the Land Cruiser that was traded in on the Grand Cherokee. This was a time that Jeep was selling plenty of vehicles in Australia and yes, we did trade every make and model on the Grand Cherokee.

I have now spent 8000km in the Chinese built LDV T60 Pro and as a work vehicle I am actually impressed. It did take a few weeks to get used to driving the manual, something that I hadn’t done for quite a few years, but now I am really enjoying it.

I’m achieving 800km on a 60ish litres of fuel on a highway run and for overtaking lanes the manual works beautifully. Just drop it back to 5th gear and there is enough torque on tap for overtaking swiftly and safely. The large Infotainment system works well, linking up with my iPhone for the Navigation or Spotify if I wish to stream some music.

All in All it’s a great tool for the job. Good on a highway run, good for dropping a bullbar off if the need arises and good on fuel. Thumbs up from me!